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An old saying goes; “The best used luxury car to buy is the newest one you can afford.” After all, while the price of entry might be well within reach of the average individual, maintenance expenses can often be reasonable only to those who could afford to buy the car new. If something goes terribly wrong, repair costs can sometimes mitigate much of the savings you achieved. Of course, purchasing a certified pre-owned luxury car could do much to alleviate this worry, which is why it is one of these 10 best reasons to buy a used luxury car.

  1. More car for less money
  2. Manufacturer's certified pre-owned programs
  3. Third party extended warranties
  4. In general, you'll experience less depreciation
  5. Good independent mechanics
  6. Think domestic
  7. Driving a lesser car won't suit you
  8. Advanced safety equipment
  9. Leading edge comfort and convenience features

Source: (Lyndon Bell - 2017)