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Going to a local car dealership can make it easy to shop for your next vehicle. This guide highlights the advantages you face when choosing to visit a local car dealership.

Top 5 Advantages

1. Convenience: Your local dealership is a short drive, so you can save some gas, especially if you car or truck gets poor MPG. Remember that this matter of convenience impacts both buyer and seller. The dealership is hoping that their convenience can sway you, even with a higher price.

2. Supporting the Local Economy: Car dealerships are small businesses, and many are integral parts of their communities. You can help support the dealership's funding of local events by visiting an area dealership.

3. Personal Connections: You may already have an established friendship with someone who sells cars at a local dealership. Although this relationship can make purchasing your vehicle easier, you may not get the lowest price possible.

4. Easy to Test Drive: As a result of the dealership's close proximity to home, you can complete test drives without having to travel far. However, visiting a local dealership for a test drive can become problematic if the dealership continues to call you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

5. Establish a Service Relationship: Purchasing a vehicle locally will make it easier to establish a relationship with the dealership that will later provide your service. Warranty restrictions put in place by some manufacturers can make it difficult for service departments to adequately handle customers who purchase vehicles elsewhere. Having a relationship with the dealership can make things easier when warranty work is required.

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